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Hydraulic Hose EN856 4SH
EN 856 4SH steel wire spiraled hydraulic hose has higher working pressure performance, so it is perfectly suitable for extremely high pressure working conditions. It has excellent performance in delivering petroleum-based hydraulic fluids in the working temperature of -40 °C to +100 °C.
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Key Features
  • Made from black oil resistant synthetic rubber
  • The reinforcement is made from four layers of high tensile and high strength spiraled steel wire
  • Resistant to high pressure; Appearance is cloth impression rubber
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Product Details
Recommended For: Extremely high pressure and high impulse hydraulic applications. This hose is the most flexible EN856 4SH hose in the industry with superior impulse performance. INNER TUBE: oil resistant synthetic nitrile rubber; REINFORCEMENT: four layers of spiral steel wire; COVER: oil and weather resistant synthetic rubber; SURFACE: wrapped surface; TEMPERATURE RANGE: -40℃ (-104 ℉ ) to +100℃(+212 ℉) APPLICATION: petroleum base and water base hydraulic fluids
Inch Size3/4-2 inch
I.D18.6-52.0 mm
W.D27.6-64.2 mm
O.D31.4-69.7 mm
W.P25.0-42.0 Mpa
B.P100.0-168.0 Mpa
B.R280.0-700.0 mm
W.T1.64-4.5 Kg/m
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